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Each bracket has a neoprene lining, not only to protect the finish of your tower, but also ensures you bracket is solid and secure, free from slipping and able to adapt to the constant expansion and contraction of your tower from temperature change and vibration.


The brackets include a threaded socket for our flag poles, an extra slot for a 3/8" skier down flag and pole, and stainless steel hardware. All brackets have a matte black finish.


Don't see your boat brand or an option that matches your needs? No worries! We specialize in finding and creating solutions! Because we design and fabricate to order, we can always create a solution that not only works for your needs, but looks great as well. We may need some specific measurements and photos, depending on your boat. We will even ship you a digital slide caliper to take exact measurements to ensure the bracket we design for you is perfect. As with all our brackets, we guarantee that they will fit perfect. If its not right, we will re-design, fabricate and ship you new brackets or give you a full refund. Even it the measurements you take were off, we will make it happen for you!


Our usual turnaround time for custom designs is about 2-3 days after we have all the measurements we need.


And just because its custom designed and fabricated specifically for you, does not mean it's more expensive! We offer complimentary CAD design. Not only are we proud to be your source for custom designs, but it also enables us to constantly add new designs and options to be available to all our customers.

Centurion Gladiator


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