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•Cam/lever designed to allow single or dual finger use WITHOUT other fingers getting in the way or having to adjust your grip

•Crazy smooth operation, zero slop

Gen 2 of the Stubby Finger Throttle is now available. I have 24 of them ready to ship. $95 each.

•Integrated IP67 Waterproof Start Button

•Integrated OEM Seadoo Cable Port with two set screws

•Cable port also threaded to accept M10 threaded barrel adjusters

•Gen 2 is made from Nylon/Graphite Composite

•Significantly stronger and impact resistant compared to Gen 1

•Same smooth and precise lever travel/geometry as Gen 1 with sealed dual 6mm sealed bearings

•More robust lever bearing seats and main body.

•Stainless Steel M4, M5 and M6 hardware and sealed bearings

•Fits all 7/8” bars

•3 Year Warranty

Gen 2 Stubby Finger Throttle w/ Start Button


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