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This design is based off the original OXT-Odyssey Tracker design. Widely considered by IJSBA racers to be the best performing sponson design for the X4 hull, our OXT-OG sponsons are CAD designed and CNC machined from high modulus Delrin material, all of the components are significantly stronger that the HDPE material of the sponsons made 30 years ago.

These sponsons and all the individual components have a lifetime replacement warranty.

Includes 2ea. blades with gloss polished finish, 2ea. backer bars all made to the exact dimensions and angles as Mike Ball’s original design. A 1/4” thick Delrin support bar is also included for the inside of the hull with 4 sets of stainless steel M8 button cap bolts, oversized washers and locknuts. Washers are not required with these Delrin components, however they are provided for those who prefer to have the extra assurance for competitive riding.

Custom laser etched graphics on the blades are available for an additional fee. Please email for details.

OXT-OG Sponsons-X4


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