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It all started with a new boat. My wife and I both grew up on the water and loved water sports. It took about 20 years, but we finally saved up enough to buy a new Supra. Being proud Americans and a die hard MSU family, we wanted to show our colors on the boat, but were frustrated to find only two options. Both being universal fit, one a cheap design that would fail inevitably, the other $150.00 and never seemed to be in stock.


I’m the kind of guy that always took pride and enjoyed creating and building things, so I set out to create a solution for myself.


Having been involved with surfboard building, prototyping, and a wicked addiction to building and flying 3D R/C Helicopters, I had been CAD designing and fabricating specialized parts from carbon fiber and composites for years. After over a  year of designing and testing in ridiculous conditions that would never exist in normal marine conditions, the design, materials and fabrication process evolved into the quality and value that it is today.


Because each bracket is fabricated to order, every one is designed for the exact specifications of your boat, tower and personal needs. The only expectation is a perfect fit that holds solid, endures the beating of the elements and UV rays, looks good and proportionate with your boat design. And of course, is convenient and easy to manage. We design and fabricate our own flag poles as well that screw directly into the brackets. Each pole is custom made, painted with marine grade black metal flake enamel and a final clear coat.    The poles are individual designed and fabricated to the dimensions that look and work best with your boat and mounting location.


We take great pride in every item we make, even down to designing each customers name into each bracket.


100% designed and made, custom for you, in Dallas, Texas. We guaranty everything we make and are committed to going above and beyond to meet your expectations…because that’s just how it’s supposed to be…period.


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