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24” flag pole made from true 4K Carbon Fiber Woven Cloth. These poles are Extreamly light weight and almost indestructible. They feature a matte finish, fully adjustable swivels for any size flag, blue anodized carabiners, and our propriety thread lock design. We made a flag pole look sexy. Just like all our other brackets and poles, these come with our standard lifetime warranty. However due to the high materials cost and time required to make these poles, they are probably not covered by our “Oh Shit! Free Replacement Policy” if lost or damaged when your moron brother in-law uses them to stoke the bonfire, or you forget to take them down when doing boat limbo under a bridge. However if your story is REALLY GOOD, give it a shot🤙

24” 4K Carbon Fiber Weave Swivel Mount Flag Pole

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